Speech and Language Therapy

Speech and Language therapy has a very important role to play in treating children with autism mainly as they have difficulty in giving and receiving verbal or non-verbal communicative information.

The common speech and language difficulties seen in children with autism are as follows:

  • Delay in speaking i.e. delay in speech milestones
  • Echolalia or pronoun reversal
  • Difficulty expressing ones basic needs or wants
  • Poor vocabulary development
  • Limited speech
  • Difficulty waiting for ones turn to speak
  • Feeding and swallowing problems

A Speech and Language Pathologist (SLP) works with children with autism to address the following:

  • Helping the child to understand communication
  • Facilitating understanding of spoken language and situation expectations
  • Giving the child something to talk about
  • Giving the child a means of communication
  • Giving the child a reason to communicate

The speech therapist works with the child and his/her family to facilitate effective communication among them such that it benefits the overall development of the child.

What is the goal of speech therapist for a child with autism? And what are the benefits of speech therapy?

The goal of intervention is to improve communication and social skills for your autistic child. This may include:

  • Helping children understand non-verbal communication like facial expression and gestures
  • Help develop a non-verbal communication system, such as pointing at pictures, for those who don’t speak
  • To teach or model listening, speaking, reading, writing, and conversation skills
  • To help the child with early communication skills
  • To produce sounds and words and gestures

As the child’s speech improves after speech therapy it helps improve the overall communication, understanding, self-esteem and confidence in the child thus reducing his frustration of the inablity to convey his needs and wants.

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