Play Therapy

Play therapy is an integral part of a child’s years during the growing years. It is the method by which the child communicates with and processes information from the world around him. However children with autism have inappropriate play behaviour and as their social interaction, imitation skills and communication are affected they face difficulty playing with other children. Many a times you would see a child with autism aloof in the play area or the garden.

What are the benefits of play therapy?

Children with autism need to be taught both, “the desire to play” and “the skills” to play. Play therapy sessions can lead to the following benefits:

  • Building up of concepts like colours, shapes, numbers, etc
  • Teaching how to experience and express emotions
  • Cultivate empathy and respect for thoughts and feelings of others.
  • Learn social skills like sharing, turn-taking, etc.
  • Developing respect and acceptance of self and others

For children with autism there isn't only a need of appropriate toys but they also need to be taught “how to play”. Parents need to get down on the floor and actively teach their autistic child the "right" way to play with a toy. This concept is well adopted in a treatment technique called "Floortime". As its name suggests, Floortime encourages parents to engage children literally at their level - by getting on the floor to play.

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