What are the Early Indicators of Autism?

Below listed are a few possible early indicators of autism.

Newborn to 18 months:

  • May avoid people's gaze
  • Does not like people cuddling
  • Prefers to be alone
  • Delayed smile or does not smile
  • Repetitive behavior or actions with the body, like hand flapping or rocking
  • Has hyperactivity (excessive physical activity, restless, not sitting at one place) when there is a change in the routines
  • Lack of non-verbal communication like gestures, poor facial expression and no body language

1½ years to 4 years:

  • May have impaired imitation (copying others' actions)
  • Poor language comprehension (understanding the meaning)
  • Not approaching parents for comfort, even when ill, hurt or tired
  • May have delayed language development
  • Lack appropriate gestures
  • Repetition of whatever is said to him /her (echolalia)
  • Handles objects strangely, e.g. spinning or turning them or arranging them in a line
  • Have unusual body movements, e.g. hand-flicking or hand twisting, spinning, head banging or whole body movements
  • Preoccupied with parts of objects, e.g. playing with only wheels of a toy car
  • May have attachment to unusual objects, e.g. wires, threads, buttons, etc.
  • Have difficulty in toilet training

4 years and older:

  • Poor eye contact
  • Lack an awareness of the existence or feelings of others
  • Absence of pretend play, e.g. dressing up a doll, or pretending to be a teacher
  • Increased hyperactivity
  • Lack or have unusual emotional responses, e.g. crying or laughing without any reason
  • Indifferent towards or responds negatively to physical affection like hugging, patting, etc.
  • Poor social interaction
  • Not understanding conventions of social interaction, such as turn-taking, making requests, etc.
  • Inappropriate gestures, e.g. hugging strangers
  • Fail to initiate or sustain conversations
  • Meaningless speech
  • Attachment to unusual objects
  • Spinning objects

The above age-wise list of symptoms will help you detect the early signs of autism so you can reach the experts at the earliest.

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